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The study of the distribution of the world’s limited resources.

19.99 USD

180tc, standard sized pillowcase, do not bleach, wash before use, made in USA

Music Theory

Music Theory

An introduction to the study of tonal harmony.

19.99 USD

180tc, standard sized pillowcase, do not bleach, wash before use, made in USA

Everyone who I’ve distributed my pillowcases to has received the ominous warning, “do not bleach.” Some take this warning without question, trusting that I have the expertise and the mastery of my linens to know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to my product. Others though seem to question my motives, thinking that I have some scheme against the conglomerate bleach companies. I give the usual explanation to my customers where I describe how the dark color of the design on the pillow will wash out and become illegible. Instead I’m going to use a strategy that I’ve learned from my mother by mimicking her argument for why I should marry a nice jewish girl.

Valued Customer: “This is ridiculous Barry. Why can’t I bleach my pillowcase?”

Barry: “Because if you bleach your pillowcase, I’m going to kill myself.”

It’s quite an elegant simple solution to many problems! Think of how the extra minutes of time explaining why not to bleach could be used! And there need be no more explaining! The point has come across crystal clear and the customer doesn’t bleach, and I have some extra time to answer other FAQ’s.

When dealing with a new product, the designers, the marketers, and the managers inevitably will spend many hours every day staring at it, talking it up, and yelling it’s name in hopes that people will give it some attention and “like” it on facebook. What inevitably happens is that those so intimately involved in the product is that they become biased and desensitized to whatever they are selling. They lose the ability to judge how good the product actually is.

Lets examine Pillowcase Studies. I’ve essentially been awake for 72 hours asking people to give feedback on the idea of a Pillowcase Study, the design of a Pillowcase Study, and the website Pillowcasestudies.com. So far not one person has said that the design is terrible, the website is terrible, or the idea is terrible. What I’ve discovered is that people, especially ones that I would ask advice , have a vested interest in not hurting my feelings so they have created a unique rating scale.

Facebook Chat Marketing Strategy:

Barry: Hey! Long time no speak! You should check out the small business I started! www.pillowcasestudies.com

Potential Customer: Barry, why are you spamming me?

Barry: No! I swear it’s really me! It’s a pillow case business!

Potential Customer: Ok. One sec.

At this point, the recipient has just gotten over his/her fear of me sending viruses through my computer and is usually in a bad state of mind. Then after 2.5 minutes of silence, the conversation has the ability to go two separate ways.

The good way:

Potential Customer: Barry! These are hillarious! I’m totally going to buy one! They’re genius! If you made an international relations design I’d totally buy like three! I’m buying the Drama design for my brother.


The bad way:

 The idea is very interesting. Nice job on the website though! It looks very professional.

Notice how both spare my feelings from being hurt. Unfortunately, unless I understand the rating system, I wont be able to become any more specific in identifying my target market. Luckily now that the rating system has been appropriately mapped, I will be more effective in doing so.